How to build your church with chicken (?!?)

Ok, ok, obviously a crazy title and for sure an even crazier idea, but what if Nandos Chicken became the magnet to explode your church growth. Don’t believe us with how awesome and life changing some people report Nandos chicken to be? Just watch this video, I think you’ll “get it.”

Now, in all seriousness, Nandos is a bit of a metaphor for something that is so desirable and life changing that people will give their life in commitment. This is what your church is like. Your congregation loves your vision and mission and they love the people of your city just as much…yet, how do you get the word out that life can be found in your community.

The answer is marketing. No, we aren’t suggesting that God’s word must be “marketed” to be caught, but rather, in the hustle and bustle of life today there are many people searching for answers but not finding them. Perhaps that very person on the edge of giving up, or family who is desperate for healing from their brokenness would come to Jesus if they only knew about your church.

Much is written about how to grow churches and the best marketing methods for a church, but little is covered about how digital marketing and seo (search engine optimization) can be used to expand your effective marketing and advertising reach without incurring huge cost. You already have a website, so why not get the most out of it. Keep reading and we believe that you are going to discover innovative never before seen methods to change the world and in so doing achieve the mission of your church or ministry.

Finally…how in the world does Nandos Chicken fit in? Well it doesn’t, but we like food, especially chicken, as much as anyone and wanted to share with you the best church potluck food you could ever bring. Just go find a Nandos. You’ll thank us later!

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